Friday, February 27, 2009

From Small Beginnings, Come Great Things..............

G 2-27-08

G 2-27-09

L 2-27-08

L 2-27-09

As I sit here looking at my two babies playing and laughing, it's so hard to believe that 1-year ago, I was laying in a hospital bed with a NICU Dr. telling me that I needed to prepare myself that my babies only had a 50-50 chance of survival and that if they lived, they would most likely have multiple complications. Everyone always talks about how exciting it is & having a nephew, I know how it's so fun to sit in the waiting room and wait for the new daddy to come out smiling and showing everyone the pictures on the camera...... for us, the new daddy came out of the delivery room crying and not even sure if his babies were alive. We had probably 15 people in our hospital room but no one was laughing or smiling all you could hear were sniffles and tears flowing.

A couple of weeks after the babies were born L's primary nurse asked me how I was feeling about the whole delivery, birth, etc. and I didn't really know the answer at that point, I was going thru the whole grieving stages, sad, mad, happy, etc. and she asked me if I felt cheated and that's exactly what I felt. For most everyone childbirth is the most exciting thing in the world & for us, it was the saddest time, next to losing our fathers. We never got the chance to enjoy people coming in to see us in the hospital room and being so excited to peek at the babies. When we had visitors, our time was spent counting down the hours to 72, b/c they told us those were the most critical.

I remember, when I saw them the first time, I said to myself that they would never live a month, much less even survive at all. We immediately went into Auto-Pilot and just prayed and prayed and hoped that God would send us not one, but two miracles and did he deliver or what?! Not that they didn’t have a rough start, but to have came so far from 1 year ago. There is no way to ever Thank the NICU Drs., nurses, respiratory therapist for all that they did for us in those 117 days, not only did they take care of our babies but they also took care of us, they were always there to give a hug or a word of encouragement, we will love all of them forever & they will always hold a special place in our hearts. I would also like to thank all of our Prayer Warriors all over the world & I really do mean “all over the world” who have prayed with us cried with us and rejoiced with us this last year, L & G still have a long way to go but without your prayers over the last year, I think the outcome may have been different. I will leave you all with this, “Hope, Where there is life there is hope”.

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