Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 4th, The Beach, Etc.

Things have been busy here at our house the last few weeks,we have been busy with therapy, getting ready for our trip to the beach, adjusting to life with a contact in a 16 month old baby..... how he can manage to lose a contact 2 times and break a pair of glasses in less than a week is beyond me doesn't surprise me, he is after all a baby! :) We went back to the eye Dr. last week and they changed the power in the contact for G's right eye & said that things are looking great, we are still patching to optimize the vision in that eye, and we will continue to do that as long as the vision continues to improve, which it is! Can I get an Amen?!?! L also had her 9 month recheck and he said her vision is still great and she doesn't go back for 9 more months. That being said, both L & G are on the move, crawling on all 4's and now pulling up as you can see below. Since 2-27-08, and I saw them for the first time, not even weighing 3 pounds total, all I wanted was for them to get bigger, I just wanted the bad times to fly by & now here I sit 16 months later, saying to myself, where did the time go? They are growing up & I don't like it...granted I feel much better about their future & their health than I did the day they were born or even a year ago, but I want them to stay young & innocent forever. We are getting excited b/c L & G will be getting a new baby cousin in the next couple of weeks, we can't wait to meet baby H!!! We love her already!!!

We went to the beach on July 4th & had a blast! I think they decided on the way down that they don't like the car seat, they fussed for a little while so we just took our time, stopping a couple of times to get them out of the car seat. The weather this trip was great, so we were able to spend lots of time outside. They ate sand by the handfuls, had ice cream for the first time, got little tan lines, the whole deal! We saw good friends that we haven't seen since I got pregnant and they fell in love with the babies, just like everyone does.... Now I may be biased (ahem) but I happen to think that I have the cutest babies in the world, but I always don't ever tell them that b/c I wouldn't want them to get conceited at such a young age!! :)

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