Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life as we know it has changed!!

So, this is the scene of the crime! Most of you know that G flipped out of the Pack and Play on Sunday, we had been talking about how we needed to lower the bassinet part of it & we just never got to it, until Sunday that is!! He is fine, I cried much longer than he did!! We have officially came to the point in our lives, where it's time to lower cribs, they have outgrown the swings, they are crawling around, eating plants and falling out of pack and plays!! I never would have thought that 1-year ago, I would be rearranging my house and getting ready to babyproof!!! We are so excited about the progress the babies have made!!

And here he is that SAME afternoon, trying to pull himself up again!! I guess we have found out who the little daredevil is going to be!

They are officially on the move! I was doing dishes in the kitchen & they were on the quilt in the living room..... or they were supposed to be & this is where I found L! I will catch another picture of G & post soon!

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