Friday, May 1, 2009


G had another surgery on his eye yesterday at Vanderbilt Children's. Dr. Recchia did an exam on Wed. & said that he thought he had some vision in that eye, but there was some scar tissue in his field of vision so he wanted to go in & clean that out and also do a complete retinal exam while he was under anesthesia. The surgery went good, he was able to get a good look at the retina and everything looked great, and he was able to get the scar tissue out. In his words, "things look 500 times better than they did a month ago", which we were so glad to hear!! Again, he is such a little trooper, he reacted a little differently to the anesthesia this time than he did before, he was a little slower coming around and he was very agitated and upset when he was waking up, but he is much better today.

We are SO thankful to Dr. Recchia for all that he has done for us, we really feel like he cares deeply about G and making sure that he has the best vision that his eye can give him. If anyone needs a retinal specialist, go see him, he's great!!! (He treats adults also!!!) This is another hill we have just about gotten to the bottom of, even though G's vision won't ever be normal in that eye, just to have some vision in itself is a miracle, MOST of the time when a retina completely detaches, vision is not at all likely but once again we have been blessed!!!

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